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As a registered non profit, the mission of the Nashville Food Truck Association is to provide Leadership, Guidance, and Beneficial Support through Mentorship, Advocacy, and Charity via a network of like-minded business owners serving the Greater Metro Nashville/Middle Tennessee areas. 



- Knowledgable Board Members

- Industry leaders advocating for change with local and state governments

- Setting an example for ethics and industry standard behavior

- Charitable giving



- Mentorship

- Event booking

- Membership benefits and industry resources

- Networking


Beneficial Support

- Membership benefits - (discounted rates, services, marketing, access to resources)

- Networking

- Priority booking opportunties 

It is important to note, the NFTA does NOT serve as a booking agency but rather strives to connect our members independently with clients. We feel it is important to the industry for truckers to be empowered and encouraged to control their own respective business practices and work to maintain their individual level of excellence within the industry. Please visit our member pages to book individual food trucks directly or our book a food truck page to have multiple members contacted for your next event! 

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