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Those who paid their dues prior to the January 9th election vote, are seen as "registered voters" and are eligible to vote in this run-off election. Please select one of the following members for President 2023. Due to the original results at the meeting ending in a tie we will need to do a run off.


Due to there only being 38 members no at-large members were needed however because that leaves an even number of board officers we do need to elect one at large member. That was an oversight on my part and I didn't realize it until we left the meeting. Please select one of the following members for at large as well. (these are the originally nominated members) *The At-large member will be determined based on the outcome of the Presidential election as 2 members from the same truck cannot hold 2 positions on the board. This means if Bradley is elected but Lynne wins the Presidency then Ashley will automatically become the at-large member. If Crystal wins then whoever has the most votes between Brad and Ashley will become the at-large member.  


All ballots are due by Sunday January 22nd at 5pm cst. The new president and at-large member will be announced via email Monday January 23rd.

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