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Any individual owning a Food Truck/Trailer (that is stored/stationed within a 50 mile radius of downtown Nashville) may apply to become a member of the NFTA as long as said individual has completed all of the requirements of any middle TN Health Department (within 50 miles of downtown Nashville), has a State Department of Revenue registration receipt, and has a Federal EIN number or SSN. It is important to support the Nashville area as an NFTA member; so potential members must serve at least 50% of yearly events within 50 miles of downtown Nashville. 


STEP 1: Complete the form below and submit it along with your $50 non refundable application fee. If you are accepted as a member of the Nashville Food Truck Association your application fee will go toward your required dues. Once your application has been received, someone will contact you with the date and time for your in person audition. 

STEP 2: Attend your scheduled in person audition with our general membership. Give a brief introduction and description of your business and cuisine to our members. You will then be dismissed to go outside to your truck and prepare tasting samples of your best menu item(s) for members to try. You will be scored on various criteria, including but not limited to food quality, cleanliness of truck, originality of menu, etc.

STEP 3: If you meet the required score for membership you will be contacted to pay your dues and become a member of the Nashville Food Truck Association.


NEW MEMBER: $250 annually


RETURNING MEMBER: $175 annually



Please complete all fields in the form below to apply as a member of the Nashville Food Truck Association. We are excited to work with you soon!

Select up to two categories your cuisine should be categorized as...
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Logo File (transparent or white background only)
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How did you hear about the NFTA?
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Thank you for your application! Someone will contact you within 48 hours. If you do not hear from someone within that time frame please email to inquire about your submission.

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